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Allied Cultures provides direct aid as part of its international humanitarian response to disasters worldwide. To date, we have been able to provide upwards of $9,000 in direct aid to individuals and families in need in the countries of Armenia, Lebanon and Tanzania. Allied Cultures is working towards scaling this program to serve the immediate needs of those who need the support the most.

If interested in seeing what we have been able to provide, with our direct aid funds, please see our list of support below:

  • Firewood for frigid winters

  • Hygiene Supplies in Rural Communities

  • Utility Payment Assistance

  • Groceries and Water

  • Over the Counter Medicine

  • Rental Payment Assistance

  • Hospitalization Expenses

  • Cash for Orphaned Children

  • Wash Basins to Villagers

  • Sanitary Pads for those without access

  • Backpacks and School Supplies

  • Christmas Gifts for Impoverished Children

  • Home and Kitchen Supplies

To support one or more of the initiatives above with this international program, please click on the image link:

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