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Collective Assessment of Racial Dialogue (C.A.R.D.) program is one of the curriculums created under Allied Cultures. Its primary aim is to address the issues surrounding the general public when it comes to racism, discrimination and prejudice through a safe medium.

With C.A.R.D., Allied Cultures lends a voice to those who have struggled with the fight for equality. This consists of people who have struggled with racism and discrimination, those victimized by it and others. Racism continues to be an ongoing pandemic. This program will serve to give a voice to the voiceless. This program is open to all peoples and all beliefs as it will adhere to its population’s stance on the aforementioned issues. Our target market consists of those individuals in society who are interested in channeling their beliefs, opinions and experiences with racism, culture and equality into a positive outlet where they can be both free to discuss these issues by providing in-depth true stories of experiences faced by individuals that others can relate to. The goal of this program is to develop a diverse publication on individual accounts towards anti-discrimination and tolerance.

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