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Allied Cultures, through various initiatives, facilitates inter-cultural relations through several scalable programs.


Our Collective Assessment of Racial Dialogue (CARD) program works to address sociological issues related to identity that surround the general public and lend a voice to those seeking to share their experiences with diversity, equality, racism, discrimination and tolerance. We encourage communities and individuals worldwide to share their inspirational stories which will be curated into collaborative publication. 

Our Dignity Kits and Direct Aid programs directly support the humanitarian supply needs of individuals and families affected by disasters, homelessness, political unrest, forced displacement and similar catastrophes. Locally, we distribute Dignity Kits of essential hygiene supplies. Internationally, we devote direct aid funding to screened individuals and families through partner organizations. We currently serve the countries of Lebanon, Armenia and Tanzania with our direct aid work and are seeking to expand to more countries and areas of need. 

Our Scholarship program provides avenues to college and university level students, especially those from marginalized communities, to receive the resources they need to succeed in higher education. Through this program, we seek students who hold a passion for multiculturalism that mirrors our own. 

Check back regularly to see what we’ve done, what we’re currently doing and what’s to come. We invite your participation!

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