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Allied Cultures was founded in 2006 by a group of dedicated individuals who held a passion for multiculturalism and equality. Over 15 years ago, the founding members developed a beautiful concept of diversity appreciation and cultivated it into a full-fledged nonprofit organization that serves the multicultural interests of a diverse group.

To this day, Allied Cultures is advocating for multiculturalism, cross-cultural relations, and equality initiatives to absolve society from their sociological inequities.

Join us as we work towards social change in global communities.


Allied Cultures is firmly committed to the diversity of culture, expression, and thought.

Our organization fosters an environment that celebrates individuals and groups through the lens of inclusiveness, equity and opportunity. We embrace cultural and linguistic diversity as a crucial and measurable component of our work.

Allied Cultures serves diverse populations of individuals, families and regions with its programs. We tailor our volunteer base, our local, national and international program efforts and the makeup of our Board of Directors to best suit the demographics of the groups we serve with our programs.


Allied Cultures has the following diversity values:

  • Fostering a culture of inclusiveness and open-mindedness among all groups and individuals.

  • Honoring freedom of expression and civility of discourse as fundamental to both personal and professional growth.

  • Establishing and enhancing mutually-beneficial relationships with individual and organizational partners who share mutual visions and goals.

Image by Bernard Hermant


Image by Natalie Pedigo


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