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Humanitarian Work: United States

The United States continues to experience rampant homelessness and natural disasters year after year. Locally and regionally, Allied Cultures works to aid individuals and families to cover the need for essential items that become critical during bouts of homelessness and disasters. 

Humanitarian Impact in the United States

Allied Cultures provides case-specific humanitarian support as part of its mission to engage cross-culturally and serve the unique needs of individuals and families displaced by political unrest, homelessness, natural disasters and more. 

We have been able to provide support to local homeless individuals throughout Los Angeles County as well as for victims of the disastrous Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.

Humanitarian Partners

Allied Cultures carries out its humanitarian programs in the United States of America through partnerships with local and regional nonprofit organizations with similar missions and goals.

Aid Tracker

​as of 5/22/2024

  • # of Years of Support Provided: 4 years

  • Pounds of Humanitarian Supplies: 2605 pounds

  • # of People Supported by Program: 1573 individuals

Support Needed

  • Product donations of hygiene supplies to distribute to low-income and homeless individuals as well as those impacted by natural disasters. 

  • Meal gift cards to distribute to homeless individuals and families.

How to Help

Humanitarian Photos

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