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Humanitarian Impact

Allied Cultures provides case-specific humanitarian support as part of its mission to engage cross-culturally and serve the unique needs of individuals and families displaced by political unrest, homelessness, natural disasters and more. 

Countries Supported to Date

Allied Cultures has developed humanitarian programming central to the specific needs of countries served, including the following:

Armenia - in partnership with Unity for the sake of Armenians 

Lebanon - in partnership with local volunteers

Tanzania - in partnership with the Foundation for African Empowerment

United States of America - in partnership with various nonprofit and faith-based organizations

Humanitarian Projects by the Numbers

​as of 4/3/2024

  • Direct Aid to date: $15,567.63

  • # of Years of Support Provided: 4 years

  • Pounds of Humanitarian Supplies: 2561 pounds

  • # of People Supported by Program: 2136 individuals

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