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Humanitarian Work: Armenia

According to UNHCR, on 27 September 2020, fighting broke out along the former line of contact between Armenia and Azerbaijan and progressively expanded until a ceasefire statement was signed on 9 November 2020. As a consequence, tens of thousands of people affected by Nagorno-Karabakh conflict fled to Armenia while tens of thousands of conflict-affected people were also temporarily displaced within Azerbaijan. According to the Migration Service of the Republic of Armenia, some 90,000 persons found themselves in a refugee-like situation in Armenia as reported in December 2020 of whom 88% were women and children. The latest report from the Migration Service of the Republic of Armenia accounted for 68,050 as of March 2021 who at the time were residing in ten marzes (provinces) of the country including Yerevan.

Humanitarian Impact in Armenia

Allied Cultures provides case-specific humanitarian support as part of its mission to engage cross-culturally and serve the unique needs of individuals and families displaced by political unrest, homelessness, natural disasters and more. 

One of the countries we have been able to support is that of Armenia, a small country in the Highlands of Western Asia.

Humanitarian Partner

Allied Cultures carries out its humanitarian programs in Armenia through a partnership with Unity for the Sake of Armenians. 

Aid Tracker

​as of 6/26/2024

  • Direct Aid to date: $5,112

  • # of Years of Support Provided: 4 years

  • Pounds of Humanitarian Supplies: 88 pounds

  • # of People Supported by Program: 447 individuals

Support Needed

  • Direct Aid to be distributed by Allied Cultures volunteers for vetted families in need, for the essential purchase of groceries, payment of rents due, utilities, firewood (in the frigid winter), and clothing.

  • Over-the-counter medicine

  • Various Hygiene Supplies

How to Help

Humanitarian Photos

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